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Controller Components



High quality components for some of our most popular Temperature Controllers are available from HTS/Amptek®. It starts with our 1/16th DIN PID Module. The BBA300 is intentionally configured for ease of use. Accurate with a handsome LCD color display, the BBA300 will be up and running without a long learning curve. Accessories for this controller include the 0 fired SSR. (Solid State Relay oversized for dependability) This component cleanly switches the power, and produces a small amount of heat that may be dissipated by the SINK. (Heat Sink) Thermocouple sensors feeds a signal to the BBA300, and the 30ma ELCI devices may be used in-line to interrupt power if a ground fault is detected.

Additional parts and capabilities:

  • 100 and 1000ohm RTDs
  • T/C Types J,K,E,N,S & T
  • Factory Guidance is Available
  • Plugs, Jacks and Converters
  • Longer Sensors and Extension Cables

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